Halkitis Brothers is a company of many different components, all working in sync to sustain the momentum of the greater machine. However, it is the flesh and blood elements, with their knowledge, enthusiasm and pride which push the machine to the limits, making it faster, better and stronger.

Originating as a civil works company, HB was established in 1960 by Mick and Theo Halkitis. For over thirty years HB undertook a vast array of civil works projects, encompassing bulk and specialised earthworks, drainage and stormwater works, kerb installations, landscaping and protection, bridgeworks and dam construction throughout the Northern Territory and the Kimberley region.

In the ensuing fifty years, HB has expanded to now incorporate HB Concrete (Yarrawonga and Palmerston divisions), HB Quarry (Arnhem Highway and Pinelands), HB Blocks and Pavers, HB Transport and HB Maintenance. By internalising the production process HB is able to control costs and deliver specified quality products to customers.

HB Group has recently achieved quality assurance for its quarry, concrete and blocks divisions. This ensures quality expectations are delivered and meet customer’s specifications. Also proving HB’s commitment to growth, and meeting modern construction industry expectations.

HB’s continual quest for the best solution, combined with ethical business conduct and active reinvestment into the local community, transmits a consistent identity of an energetic, innovative company with a healthy working culture and a strong sense of social responsibility. This sustained credibility assures us that HB will continue to deliver at an optimum level whatever future road they make.

HB Group - Timeline