Halkitis Bros. Joint Venture - Icthys LNG

Client: Boskalis

The contract for Icthys LNG Rock Supply was signed by Halkitis Bros. Pty Ltd and their Joint Venture partner on the 11th of November 2012. From this point a total of seven management plans had to be compiled and approved to meet the high expectations of the oil and gas industry and NINA, the clients’ internal safety focus program.

The project required the production of two types of rock to meet stringent quality requirements. Both HB and its joint venture partner had to purchase, install and commission specialist quarrying screens to meet these requirements. The screening equipment was purpose built overseas with significant lead-times on production.
Production commenced in July 2013, eight months after signing of the contract leaving only six months to produce and cart the 777,000 tonnes. Transport was also restricted to hauling along public roads in daylight hours which further impacted the strict contract deadlines.
Delivery of the product commenced late 2013 which coincided with the oncoming wet season.  The original program made provision for this wet season but the delays pushed the program out to encompass a second wet season.
Producing over 3000 tonne of material per day within set tolerances and a strict testing regime ensured that both the stringent project specification and the clients’ expectations were met.

Success in meeting the technical requirements validated efforts into research and development and the purchase of the right equipment by Halkitis Bros.
February 2015 saw the completion of the HBOJV project.  The JV’s quarries and Transport Divisions had moved a total of 690,000t of rock which is now sitting at the bottom of the Darwin harbour as protection for the Icthys gas pipeline.
The project completion saw Halkitis Bros and their Joint Venture partner record over 1,000,000klms Incident Free - a great achievement for Halkitis Bros Pty Ltd, HB Quarries and HB Transport personnel.