HB Quarries

Sixty-nine kilometres along the Arnhem Hwy at Mt Bundy Station, HB Quarry are at the heart of the HB Group.

Opening under the HB banner in 1992 they mine their own 200 year supply of granite and have the capacity to produce around 100, 000 tonnes of material per month and up to 4000 tonnes of aggregate per day as they drill, blast, cut, cart, crush, screen and refine their product, utilising everything they mine including the final sand product which is washed free of dust and then used is in blocks, concrete and as compacted fill in pipe-laying.

Designing their own production process using Cedarapids equipment has enabled HB Quarry to employ innovative techniques. They have five screening stages, that gives them a large selection of screen media in the production of various aggregates and sands, which makes the refinement process more efficient and more economical, both for themselves and the end consumer. Another innovation that places them at the forefront of competitors is their production method of FCR which they are able to do as an all-in-one mix rather than a staged mix.

HB Quarry has a full site management plan determining revegetation and the specific locations where mining and excavation will take place which is submitted annually to the NT Government. Always proactive, whether in accountability, production processes or quality assurance, it is no wonder HB Quarry products are widely renowned.

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