HB Blocks & Pavers

Providing a range of construction materials for the development of industrial, residential and commercial projects since 1997, HB Blocks and Pavers can be walked on, sat on and leaned against throughout Darwin and the greater Territory.

For a material measured in millimetres, accuracy and reliability are vital. A vigorously progressive company, HB utilises state of the art technology with touch screen PLC’s which ensure precision. Being compact and streamlined also decreases safety hazards at ground level further reinforcing efficiency with the overall result of more efficient production and cost saving to both the provider and the consumer.

As the only supplier in Darwin with two production machines, HB Blocks and Pavers are able to produce both simultaneously, which enable us to produce more than 13000 blocks per day, going all day every day for optimum yield to meet customer needs. This also allows them to take on the technical challenge of a special request order without impacting on their standard production range.

With their technological advances, speed, accuracy, proficiency and commitment to customer satisfaction it is unsurprising that HB Blocks and Pavers are the choice of architects, engineers, builders and construction companies across the Territory.

HB blocks and Pavers are capable of delivering more than 43’000 blocks (400pallets) in both Darwin and Palmerston within one business day with a fleet of four trucks and four forklifts.

HB Blocks is the only Masonry product supplier in Darwin with NATA Certified ISO 9001 Quality Assurance.

HB Concrete

Supplying concrete in the Territory’s extreme climate involves working some unusual hours and the team at HB Concrete must be getting up pretty early. Entering the concrete market in 1992, the team at HB Concrete are now the leading supplier of concrete in the Northern Territory.

An ISO 9001 accredited company, HB Concrete has batch plant facilities in Winnellie and Yarrawonga. Both plants are fully computerised, thereby increasing output while minimising waste. The recent acquisition of a concrete recycling plant enables HB Concrete to reclaim slurry water and aggregates from waste concrete. It’s one way of promoting the recycling of natural resources.

With full control over raw material supplies via HB Quarry, HB Concrete offer innovative and cost effective solutions for all concreting needs. Working in accord with the production facilities are the large, modern fleet of concrete dispatch trucks. The versatility and expertise of HB Concrete is further highlighted through the utilisation of the latest technology, with several operational mobile concrete batching plants specialising in technically difficult work in remote locations.

This combination of customer focused staff and modern equipment ensures accurate, quick and efficient service implemented by vastly experienced staff who are always willing to discuss your needs, be it standard concrete supply with basic grades of 20MPa, 25MPa, 32MPa, 40MPa and 50MPa, or a special class concrete for a project of 60MPa. Higher grades are achievable but require trial mixes and testing before delivery. The team at HB Concrete can also supply ‘long life’ concrete for long distance delivery, high early strength concrete, fibre reinforced concrete, colour additives and exposed aggregates. HB will bring a professional standard and practical approach to any project large or small.

HB Transport

With the smallest vehicle having tyres taller than the average adult, HB Transport is the draft horse of the company, hosting a reliable, well-muscled array of vehicles and machines to distribute the varied range of materials and products produced at HB Quarry, HB Concrete and HB Blocks and Pavers.

They are able to transport road train loads of up to 108 tonnes, (or 108 000kgs), from their distribution yard at 11 Mile and HB Quarries on the Arnhem Highway, with the fleet incorporating: tippers – 2m³, 5m³ and 10m³; semi-tippers; and 20m³ side tippers for larger projects.

Leading edge satellite tracking in all trucks ensures deadlines are met and although advances in technology provide a smoother, safer ride, it still takes skill to drive straight and successfully service HB Group’s array of customers across the Top End.

HB Quarries

Sixty-nine kilometres along the Arnhem Hwy at Mt Bundy Station, HB Quarry are at the heart of the HB Group.

Opening under the HB banner in 1992 they mine their own 200 year supply of granite and have the capacity to produce around 100, 000 tonnes of material per month and up to 4000 tonnes of aggregate per day as they drill, blast, cut, cart, crush, screen and refine their product, utilising everything they mine including the final sand product which is washed free of dust and then used is in blocks, concrete and as compacted fill in pipe-laying.

Designing their own production process using Cedarapids equipment has enabled HB Quarry to employ innovative techniques. They have five screening stages, that gives them a large selection of screen media in the production of various aggregates and sands, which makes the refinement process more efficient and more economical, both for themselves and the end consumer. Another innovation that places them at the forefront of competitors is their production method of FCR which they are able to do as an all-in-one mix rather than a staged mix.

HB Quarry has a full site management plan determining revegetation and the specific locations where mining and excavation will take place which is submitted annually to the NT Government. Always proactive, whether in accountability, production processes or quality assurance, it is no wonder HB Quarry products are widely renowned.