Henbury School, NT

On behalf of all the students, staff and teachers of Henbury School, we thank you and the whole management of HB Blocks for donating 200 pieces of hollow blocks that we wil use in establishing our new garden beds. Your donation will go a long way in helping our students with special needs acquire their horticulture skills and have the opportunity to harvest seasonal produce in our vegetable garden that links to their nutrition program.

You guys are awesome! In particular, we would like to thank your staff at the reception for being so accommodating and friendly when we approached them and told them about our request. I haven’t had the opportunity to ask the name of the guy who delivered the hollow blocks. He was an amazing driver who managed to deliver the bricks straight to our farm shed with a very limited space to manoeuvre the fork lift. He was so easy to talk to and very kind to put the bricks into place that saved us heaps of lifting. Of course, Mehdi, thanks for being so generous and helping us and your manager approve our request. All in all, I think your staff is a great team!

Again, we thank you for all your help and support. We may not repay you but hopefully someday soon someone will return the blessing to guys a hundred fold.

Kind regards,
Joan Ocampo
Science and Sustainability Teacher
Henbury School