Phil Thompson

Transport Manager

Coming to Darwin in the mid ‘80’s for a wedding Phil never left. Having worked in drilling, (which he still does as a hobby), he began working with HB in 1994 as a sub-contractor and, as Quarry Manager at HB for the last decade, now has the seemingly simple task of ‘turning big rocks into little rocks’.

If the sheer scale of the production capacity and machinery isn’t impressive enough, each ‘drill and fill’ operation involves 50 tonnes of explosive, an obviously delicate procedure which highlights another vital aspect of Phil’s role – communication. His tightknit team are in constant contact, maximising safety in an environment that is like a giant’s magical toyshop.

Complementing the picturesque surrounds of Mt Bundy, the greenery continues into the worksite through HB’s revegetation scheme, with Phil’s contagious enthusiasm for, and obvious pride in his workplace apparent in the sculptural inclusions to be found amidst the foliage.