Our Team

Michael Jennings

Blocks and Pavers Manager

Michael’s twenty years of experience in the industry, working for both large production companies and operating his own business, is affirmed by his enthusiasm for the job. He started fixing pallets in the Block Manufacturing Industry and worked his way through all areas of production. Commencing with HB six years ago, he is now Plant Manager of HB Blocks and Pavers where he oversees manufacturing, staff and the multitude of components that entails.

He takes pride in the reliability and knowledge of his team and the ‘fix now’ agreement in place with all contractors, both vital in maintaining the divisions reputation for exemplary customer service.

The ‘fun’ part of the job is found in a desire to be the best and give the best, to advance their edge over competitors. The key is to never be complacent, to constantly research new techniques and technologies and to implement them.